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Our policy

Our doors are always open to parent visits for prospective preschool families as well as current ones.  We strive to keep communication lines very open and enjoy sharing the progress and successes of our little pirates.

Check us out!


Pirate Pete Preschool parents are asked to sign a waiver allowing us to post images of their children on our preschool Instagram.  Each week, we post images and descriptions of our lessons as well as supplemental materials to be used at home for great practice or understanding of certain concepts.  See what we have been up to lately!

Memory Albums

One of the things we are most proud of at Pirate Pete Preschool are the memory albums created for our preschoolers who attend all year.  EVERY CHILD has a scrapbook made charting growth and progress as well as showing great samples of work.  These are great keepsakes for the families and many of the high school students who teach in our program and were once little pirates still have their photo albums to look back on and remember their time as a child with us. 

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